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I've discovered over the years that some of the best things can

be found in the details of an object, as much as in the object itself....

that is, if one spends the extra effort to notice them. Take the 

automobile, for instance, it's not had to appreciate the overall beauty

of nicely styled one. However, upon looking closer, simple things

like the arc of the curve of a push out vent window, located at

the rear part of the back door of an old 4-door Jaguar, along

with how lovely its little lock works and feels in your hand,

is a joy that remains in your memory indefinitely. 

The works in this series are the result of exercising my own

vision to become more aware of small things like that and as you'll

see, I've recently begun creating a number of fun, little still-life,

photo-illustration set ups to illustrate these ideas as well.  Therefore,

I encourage you to spend some time with these, as well as the rest

of my images to discover any treasures that may lurk beneath the

obvious and maybe, pretty soon you'll find yourself discovering

fascinating little details about other things in your life as well.

In fact, here's a little excercise you may want to try. If you don't

already, do this, when you're watching tv or you're at the movies, try

looking at what's going on in the background every now and then,

instead of what going on in the main action all the time. You may 

be surprised at what you see. (This includes the use of framed, b&w,

fine art photography prints on many of the walls of the homes,

etc. that are featured in tv shows, movies and even some ads!)


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