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This series began one day, back in 2011, when, while at a storage yard in Richmond, CA...across the bay from San Francisco....I happened to

notice a unique cloud formation that seemed to start from low in the sky in the south, near San Jose, then open up into a huge, triangle shape as

it enveloped most of the sky right above me. I'd actually noticed a

couple of other cloud patterns like this before, but this one was

much more dramatic and defined, and you can see the 

results in image No. 5/1 that I call Coming To Conclusions. 


So, as I hope my photographs will inspire you to do as well,

I began making a point to look for other interesting clouds and in

the process, discovered the unique shapes and abstract look of

clouds high in the sky that were being blown around by the wind.

Also, as I began to work with these images in Adobe's Camera Raw

I began to notice that when I converted certain ones to b&w they began to take on the look of abstract paintings. And then, when I converted them to selenium toned, tri-tone images in Photoshop, many of them took on a depth that wasn't there before as well. In fact, a few of these images almost look like they could be double-exposures, but they're not. The only other treatment I applied was to crop them in very specific ways to achieve a composition

that expressed the graphic tension that I also began to notice, the more I worked with them, as well as flipping the vertical or horizontal axis on some of them to the point where they now hardly resemble clouds at all.

Their titles reflect how I interpret them.


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