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In 1973 I had could have purchased an original print of 

Ansel Adam's Moonrise Over Hernandez Mexico for $350.00.

However, I was married, in college, was just starting out as a

photographer and that was a lot of money back then. In 2006 this

work sold for $609,600.00! Of course it also sold for lesser amounts

as well, during its run up to this all time record. The hopefully 

obvious point I'm making here is that.....just like painting, drawings

and sculpture, etc., well executed fine art photography has value

that will increase in time. Therefore, it can make for a good, long term

investment that can be passed down generation after generation or 

even sold during times of financial need for much more than its

original value, making it a good addition to one's portfolio. 

In addition, what other medium of investment, other than 

other works of art and maybe classic cars, can bring the 

added pleasure of getting to view one's favorite pieces 

of art over and over again while they gain in value.  


However, this means that these works need to be produced

and preserved with archival methods, in order to retain their

pictorial properties and quality. Therefore, I have chosen t

offer my black & white work on silver-gelatin based, photographic 

papers only that retain the traditional archival properties of the

medium. (Meaning that these prints will last for centuries, just like

film based prints do.) However since that is not an option for color

printing, color images will be printed with and on the highest quality, archival, digital printing processes and papers available 

that retain similar archival keeping properties of silver-gelatin

prints. This assures the collector that the value of this work

will not only be retained in a collector's lifetime, but as this

art is passed down, the potential of the art increasing

in value as the generations pass is also maintained.


Furthermore, in order to retain their value, fine art

prints must be preserved and protected in the archival

tradition as well. This means they must be mounted, matted

and framed with arcid-free mounting materials, matting,

glazing (the glass or Plexiglas) and framing too, so the prints

don't become stained over time and so that they don't touch

the glazing either, as that could actually affect the emulsion.

Therefore, my prints are matted on archival, acid free, 3/16",

cotton rag, museum board with either a white or black core.

(The core is the inside edge of the mat, after a 45 degree cut is

made. It functions as a secondary border and is typically 1/8"

of an inch wide.) My framing is usually 3/4" in width, in a 

simple black, wood museum style frame...the same as

it would be shown with in a gallery or museum.

Along these same lines, my work will not be available

on trendy, flavor- of-the-month type mediums such

as canvas, metal or bamboo, etc., nor will it be 

available on t-shirts, coffee cups, phone covers or

frisbees, etc. It will, however, be available in the future

as collectible note and greeting cards that exhibit a

similar level of quality that my prints possess.


 Please contact me personally to

discuss print sizes and pricing:





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